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Eye Care and Aesthetic Enthusiasm at iFOCUS Vision: From Day One to a Visionary Future


Since our grand opening in March 2021, eye care and aesthetic passion have been the cornerstones of iFOCUS Vision. Our lifelong dedication to visual health propelled us toward a mission of service and joy in the realm of vision care.

With an eye care and aesthetic-focused approach, our aim stretches beyond providing essential eye exams—though they are vital—to encompass a vast array of specialized services that cater to the unique needs of our community. From expertly fitting challenging contact lens prescriptions to innovative dry eye treatments, our specialty services are tailored to enhance both your vision and your appearance.

At iFOCUS Vision, new faces are always greeted with enthusiasm and the promise of exceptional eye care and aesthetic treatments. Discover what we’re all about at our modern location in the new shopping hub on Westheimer Parkway in Cinco Ranch Katy, Texas. We’re not just excited to offer you top-tier service; we’re thrilled to welcome you into our vision family!

Our Journey at iFOCUS Vision: Crafted with Sisterly Precision, Delivered with Houston’s Finest Touch

The story of iFOCUS Vision is woven from the aspirations and dedication of two sisters whose collaboration has transformed our space into one of Houston’s finest hidden gems. From the moment you step through our doors, the level of personalized service, state-of-the-art technology, and distinct style embodied in every aspect of your optical experience sets a new standard for excellence.

Nestled within the welcoming embrace of Cinco Ranch, our boutique not only provides convenience but also extends its commitment to customer care well beyond the lifespan of your eyewear. At iFOCUS Vision, we invite you to reshape your perspective on the world while presenting a new lens through which the world views you.

Our Mission Is Rooted in Family and Tailored Care

The founding vision of iFOCUS Vision by two devoted sisters was clear: forge a nurturing, family-like atmosphere where every patient feels at home. We hold a deep conviction that eye care should be as unique and personal as the individuals we serve. Armed with advanced technology and a heartfelt desire to deliver exceptional care, we are dedicated to fulfilling your visual needs with the precision and attention you truly deserve.

iFocus Vision: Harmonizing Eye Health with Skincare for Whole Body Wellness

When we talk about health, every part of the body is interlinked in a complex, yet beautiful dance of wellbeing. The care we extend to our eyes not only determines their health but casts a ripple effect on our skin’s condition as well. It’s a two-way street where the nourishment or neglect of one can influence the other, for better or for worse.

At iFocus Vision, we stand as both a beacon of information and a provider of solutions for those in pursuit of this dual wellness. We understand that achieving healthy eyes and vibrant skin isn’t an either/or proposition—it’s a unified goal. Our mission is rooted in the belief that you deserve to enjoy the best of both worlds, where clear vision and clear skin go hand in hand.

When we talk about health, every part of the body is interlinked in a complex, yet beautiful dance of wellbeing. The care we extend to our eyes not only determines their health but casts a ripple effect on our skin’s condition as well. It’s a two-way street where the nourishment or neglect of one can influence the other, for better or for worse.

Questions and Answers (Q&A):

In today’s dynamic world, where screens dominate our work and leisure, outdoor adventures beckon, and beauty routines are part of daily life, we seldom realize that these same aspects can unwittingly steer us toward the discomforts of dry eye symptoms.

The activities that weave into the fabric of our lives—whether it’s the application of cosmetics, the routine act of washing our faces, or even receiving a relaxing facial—can all contribute to this condition. Similarly, various medications, managing an autoimmune disease, contending with allergies, addressing a vitamin deficiency, wearing contact lenses, or undergoing refractive surgery are all potential threads leading to the tapestry of dry eye risks.

Further still, life’s natural hormonal tides, such as using contraceptives, navigating pregnancy, or transitioning through menopause, can also cast ripples across the surface of our eye health.

Yet, despite the myriad pathways that might converge upon dry eye disease, I believe that awareness and proactive care can illuminate a better way forward. You don’t have to resign yourself to discomfort; options and solutions exist to reclaim your eye comfort and clarity.

Within the blink of an eye, there’s more happening than meets the eye. Dry eye disease is not merely a fleeting irritation—it’s a chronic condition that can quietly progress and become debilitating over time. Patients often regard symptoms as mere nuisances, attempting to quell them with over-the-counter remedies or resigning themselves to discomfort. However, this self-management strategy may inadvertently overlook the true severity of the condition.

It’s essential to recognize that untreated dry eye disease can escalate beyond simple annoyance, leading to persistent infections, damage to the cornea, and ultimately, a tangible decline in the quality of vision and life itself.

If you find yourself persistently aware of your eyes during daily activities, perhaps troubled by discomfort or dryness, it’s quite possible that these are signals of dry eye symptoms. Acknowledging these early whispers is crucial—they’re not just fleeting troubles but could be heralds of a deeper ocular health issue that warrants professional attention and care.

The adage holds true: your eyes are indeed windows to your soul—and a reflection of your skincare regimen. The products gracing your face and particularly those applied near the sensitive eye region hold sway over your ocular well-being. Ingredients that might seem benign can, in fact, be agents of irritation, paving a stealthy road to dry eye syndrome.

In our pursuit of knowledge and best practices, we delve into the intricate relationship between the health of our skin and that of our eyes. Harnessing the power of eye-friendly cosmetics and medical-grade skincare products isn’t just about enhancing beauty—it’s about viewing it through the prism of optimal eye health.

Remember, the care you lavish upon your eyes does more than just safeguard your vision; it can have profound repercussions on the health of your skin. At iFocus Vision, we’re dedicated to offering insights and solutions for those who seek the harmony of healthy eyes in tandem with radiant skin. Here, you can achieve both—a vision of beauty complemented by the essence of health.


Innovative Dry Eye Therapy with IPL and RF INMODE


Experience our signature treatment that leverages the power of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radiofrequency (RF), a state-of-the-art combination that targets the core issues of dry eye syndrome, bringing profound relief and a new level of ocular vitality.

Personalized Myopia Management with ACUVUE® and MiSight


With our bespoke myopia management programs, we anticipate and address the progression of nearsightedness using the latest scientific methodologies, aiming for superior visual outcomes.

Expert Contact Lens Fittings & Specialty Lenses


No matter the challenge—be it keratoconus, post-surgical recovery, or simply a need for an unconventional fit—our customized contact lens fitting service is meticulous in ensuring maximal comfort and optimal vision.

Thorough Full-Scope Eye Exams


Delve into the depth of eye health with our Full-Scope Eye Exams. Beyond acuity, we assess overall ocular health, screen for conditions, and ensure your eyes are at their best. Our optometry expertise means a proactive approach to your vision and eye care needs. Trust us to keep your outlook sharp and clear.

Frames & Lenses: Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship


Step into style and clarity with our hand-selected Frames & Lenses. Our range caters to all tastes and our precision lenses are tailored to your vision needs. Experience comfort, quality, and the perfect fit for your lifestyle, all in one sleek package. With Frames & Lenses, see the difference and look your best.

Ocular Aesthetics Tailored to You


Surrender yourself to our non-invasive cosmetic enhancements that honor your unique features, artfully highlighting the beauty that resides within and around your eyes.


Based on 64 reviews
Kim Vy Tang
Kim Vy Tang
My mom and I came in for an eye exam and Dr. Trang took great care of us! She was very informative and caring! Loved our experience here and will definitely be back!
Johnny Dinh
Johnny Dinh
Absolutely thrilled with my recent visit to the clinic for an eye exam! The comprehensive testing was seamlessly integrated with contact lens selection, ensuring that everything suited my vision needs perfectly. What really stood out was the incredible variety of frames available - it felt like I could find something to match every style and preference. The staff at iFOCUS Vision was knowledgeable and genuinely attentive, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone looking for eye care in Cinco Ranch Katy with plenty of options to express their personal style!
Jennifer Besa
Jennifer Besa
A beautiful place with kind staff, Aneqa was so patient and sweet with me!
Zahra C
Zahra C
I absolutely love this office. Dr. Nguyen is always so friendly and explains things thoroughly. My little sister just started to use Ortho-K and it was such a good decision! We didn’t know about Ortho-K initially, but Dr. Nguyen told us my sister was the perfect candidate for it. She explained the everything well, and helped us feel at ease about the whole process. My sister doesn’t wear glasses anymore, and she now puts in her Ortho-K contacts in by herself. Very easy and successful! I would highly recommend getting checked with Dr. Nguyen to see if you or your family members qualify for Ortho-K!
Jorge Castaneda
Jorge Castaneda
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everything was explained in detail and it was a great visit.
short tempa
short tempa
This is the most honest and professional eye doctor in the Houston area! The doctors actually know what they are doing and they don't just randomly give you the wrong prescription. I have followed Dr. Tin since he started. And will be referring all my family and friends to this new location. This is a Doctor who cares and makes sure your vision is on point everytime! He made sure my vision is the same on both eyes so I don't get dizzy when wearing glasses or contacts. Some doctors just clock your eyes and write down a number. This doctor makes sure everything is on point and even so that you don't get a headache. Comfortable everytime I leave and get new lenses made! My eye doctor for the long run for sure! - Short Tempa (Houston Recording Artist and Actor on Amazon Prime TV show series "5th Ward")
I’ve always had dry eye issue and I eventually gave up on wearing contact lenses due to the discomfort. Dr Trang introduced me to an in office dry eye treatment with RF and IPL. I immediately felt results and I’m finally able to wear contacts again thanks to Dr Trang!
Mat Tang
Mat Tang
I really like iFOCUS Vision located in Cinco Ranch Katy. I took kids and my wife there last week and I am glad that I searched the optometrist Cinco Ranch Katy. I found iFOCUS Vision is so close by and it about 10 minutes from where I live. By the way, Doctor Nguyen really knowledgeable and cares for my family, she took time to help my wife and kids when she gave them the treatment. I highly recommend for visiting iFOCUS in Katy Texas if anyone who is looking for Dry Eye Therapy, Myopia Management, Lid Hygiene & Deep Cleaning Wipes, Ocular Aesthetics, Contact Lenses & Special Fits, Full-Scope Medical Optometry, and Comprehensive Eye Exams. I am leaving this review for the appreciation for Doctor Nguyen who helps me save money and the eyes health for my family. I hope this review helps the people who are affected eyes health would be greatly benefited from this review.
Miss Trang rất tận tình và có tâm ,có chuyên môn cao và hiểu biết sâu ,chị đã giúp mình những thông tin rất hữu ích về chăm sóc mắt. Mắt mình đã có thể nhìn rõ lại sau nhiều năm
Taiwei Chen
Taiwei Chen
I have two kids, they are 9 and 12. We moved from LA to Houston a year ago. My kids have been wearing Ortho-K lenses for two years, they started in LA and when we moved to Houston, I needed to see a Dr immediately so they can keep using the lenses and avoid any negative impact on their vision. I found Dr. Trang's clinic, IFOCUS Vision. The doctor was very professional and attentive in helping us. She explained treatment thoroughly. They are really good with follow ups. At first, they had us come in twice a week for follow ups then once a week and the visits were easy and quick. In LA they would only have us come in once every 3 months. I felt safe and understood. Dr. Trang and Juni were very understanding and mindful. The service is really good. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Trang.



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